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# Understanding Background Checks Services & Pricing How It All Works Order Now FAQs #
Families - Find Domestic Help, FAST, SAFE and EASY!

Many agencies and on-line services utilize instant database background checks as their sole source of information and mislead families into believing that a thorough check has been done. Be Safe! Never rely on unsafe database only checks.
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GoNannies offers 3 levels of background checks: Preliminary criminal background checks (free to families), Full criminal background checks, and Other Supplemental background checks. All background checks are optional, however we strongly recommend running a Full criminal background check on anyone you allow to provide care in your home.

 Preliminary Background Checks (Free to Families)

View this check as a preliminary round of screening to determine if you should further pursue a candidate. A preliminary check should be done in conjunction with county court record checks on final candidates, not in place of them.
   What's Included?
   How do I view a Preliminary background check?
   Do all job seekers have a preliminary background check on file?
   Why is it just a "preliminary" check?
 Full Criminal Background Checks:

Run this check on your final candidate.
   What's Included?
   How do I run a FULL background check?
   Do all job seekers have a full background check on file?
   Do I need to run a FULL check if I've already viewed a "preliminary" check?
 Other Supplemental Background Checks:

Run these checks as desired and based on the needs of your position.
   What supplemental background checks can I run?
   How do I run a supplemental background check?

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