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Families - Find Domestic Help, FAST, SAFE and EASY!

The Canadian Live-in Caregiver Program is a great opportunity for international (non-Canadian) candidates to find nanny jobs, senior care jobs and adult caregiver jobs. Candidates who currently live outside of Canada and are interested in temporarily working in Canada as a live-in caregiver (i.e. as a nanny, senior caregiver, or adult caregiver) would need to complete an application for Canada’s “Live-in Caregiver Program”. The Live-in Caregiver Program was established by the Canadian government in an effort to help its citizens find professional care for their loved ones, including their children, elderly and disabled family members.

Three primary areas of professional criteria that must be met by the applicant include:

  • The completion of the equivalent to Canadian 12 year / high school education;
  • 6 months of related training OR 12 months of full-time paid employment in a related field; and
  • The ability to read, speak and understand either English or French.

  • If your application for the program is approved, you will receive a work permit to temporarily work in Canada. To find out if you are eligible to apply for the Live-in Caregiver Program and learn more about what the process entails, we recommend that you visit the website for Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

    Also, one of the great benefits of becoming a live-in caregiver in Canada is that caregivers are given the opportunity to apply for permanent residence for not only themselves, but also for their family members. Caregivers must work in Canada for two years (within the first 3 years of arriving in Canada) in order to be eligible to apply for permanent residence. For more information on how to qualify for permanent residence, please see “Extending Your Stay” on the website for CIC.

    Canadian families who are interested in hiring an international live-in nanny, senior caregiver, or adult caregiver must also take several steps to be approved for the program. To learn more about a family’s requirements to participate in the “Live-in Caregiver Program, please visit see “Information for Canadian Employers” on the website for Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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