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Nanny & Child

GoNannies.com helped me find a wonderful family to work for. I posted my profile and someone called me the next morning. Your website was the best thing that I ever did. Thank you!!!'

   -- Katrina - Airmont, NY

Following are few general guidelines to keep in mind to avoid being a victim of any internet fraud.

It may seem that as a candidate, you are immune from any fraud attempts since you are not the one paying any salary, relocation expenses, etc. Unfortunately, however, lately some unscrupulous people have figured out a way to try to separate you from some of your money.

The scammers are typically from another country (which makes them harder to c atch) and they will never meet with you (only internet communication and phone). The scam is that they will often (but not always) offer candidates a very attractive position often with a very lucrative salary. Then they will make up an excuse why they need to send you money (in the form of a fraudulent check or money order) and then in turn, NEED YOU TO RETURN SOME OR ALL OF THE MONEY TO THEM. Please do not be fooled. This is a common scam technique. NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANYONE.

To protect yourself, we advise that you never give out your sensitive information (e.g., credit card numbers, social security number, etc.) to an individual you don't know (this is a good rule for ANY situation) unless you have met them and are comfortable that they are legitimate and need your information for legitimate purposes (e.g., to employ you, run a background check, etc.). Also, do to not send money to anyone requesting you to send them money for any reason (another very good general rule). We hope that you will practice these guidelines in general to keep your information and money protected. As always, we will remain vigilant to try to catch any potential fraud, however, given the nature of the internet, violators are very challenging to track down and may crop up occasionally.

Also, please do not let these scammers negatively affect your job search experience. Simply ignore any potentially fraudulent email. There are so many wonderful families out there (we know because we talk to them every day), and we don't want these dishonest people to take anything away from your positive experience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

--GoNannies Staff

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