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Elan    (ID#: 451949)
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 Candidate Description
Currently resides in: New York, NY
Age: 56
Gender: F
Languages spoken: English
Smoking status: Smoking
Candidate self-description: Hello. I have been a Nanny for many years. I love caring for children as it gives me so much joy and satisfaction. It is a job where the children and I can experience many sorts of adventures and learning experiences. I am very reliable, flexible, honest, and a very hands on Nanny. While caring for children, I have always managed the household. I am not a Nanny that needs to be told each day what to do. I know what I have to do and I get it done. I am very much a team player. I am extremely organized and structured. I believe in following a basic routine, but one that can be changed if called for.
I went to cooking school as I enjoying cooking. I have always cooked for the children but I have cooked for the parents on occasion.
Additional information: I am not a Nanny that will just sit there and observe the children. I am very actively involved. I do not just throw the kids in front of the TV and let them watch shows. In fact, I rarely ever let kids watch TV. Instead, I take the children to the playground or the museum. If inside, I love to do arts and crafts with children or just read books. With all the children I have cared for, we often have playdates. In fact, I would have other kids over to play and then stay for dinner on a regular basis. I also planned a regularly scheduled playgroup each week. We would be indoors when it was cold and out in the park when it was warm.
Candidate's challenges of position: I find it challenging when the parents and the employee are at home together. It does not bother me personally. The children are aware of everyone being there and they use it to their advantage. What I am saying is that they will challenge authority. If they do not like what the Nanny says then they go to a parent and vice a versa. I ask that the Nanny and the Parents be a team and present a united front. It is very important to have open communication and have things discussed so everyone will follow the same pattern.
Candidate's rewards of position: Every day is a new day. Many different things are available to experience. It may be the same activity but is never the same as it was yesterday.
Every day the children are older and reach a new stage. They learn to do something new so they see things in a different way. They learn to crawl, they learn to walk, they learn to crawl, they learn to sing, they learn to dance, and they learn new things each and every day.
In cooking, I try different recipes all the time. The next time I cook that same recipe, I may add a little of this or not add what the recipe calls for. It can be different each time unless one time it was perfect and that is what is asked for.

 Job Preferences
Available Starting: 11/1/2021
Type of job desired: Nanny
Nanny with Household Manager responsibilities
Mother's Helper/Parent's Helper
Personal Chef/Household Chef (Non-Childcare)
Personal Assistant (Non-Childcare)
Household Manager (Non-Childcare)
Salary desired: $20.00/Hour
Position term: Less than 3 months
3-12 months
1 - 2 years
greater than 2 years
Occasional/As Needed
Backup Care/Short Notice Assignments
Position status desired: Full Time
Living arrangements desired: Live-Out
Days of the week/Times of the day available: Some Weekdays
Available to work in All 50 U.S. States: No
Willing to work in: NY
Duties willing to perform: Cooking for children
Cleaning up after children
Running errands
Preparing child meals
Preparing family meals
Transporting TO/FROM School or Activities
Children's Laundry
Parent's Laundry
Helping children with homework
Limited/light housekeeping
Caring for pets
Answering phone
Accepting packages
Occasional supervision of childrens friends/guests
Candidate is willing to travel with the family: Yes
Candidate has a valid Driver's License: Yes
Candidate has a vehicle they are willing to use on the job: No
Benefits desired: Paid Holidays
Paid Vacation
Paid Sick
Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance

Years of related experience: 20
Number of related positions held: 9
Previous positions held: Nanny
Mother's Helper/Parent’s Helper
Household Manager
Commercial Cook
Number of professional references willing to provide: 5
Has cared for: Newborn/Under 1 year of age
Toddlers/1 - 4 years of age
Young Children/5 - 10 years of age
Pre-teens/over 10 years of age
Special Needs children
Education: Some College
CPR Training
First Aid Training
Schedule: Candidate has indicated that some of the hours below are flexible or negotiable

Available to Work = Available to Work

From - ToSunMonTueWedThuFriSat
5AM - 6AM *******
6AM - 7AM *******
7AM - 8AM *******
8AM - 9AM *******
9AM - 10AM *******
10AM - 11AM *******
11AM - 12PM *******
12PM - 1PM *******
1PM - 2PM *******
2PM - 3PM *******
3PM - 4PM *******
4PM - 5PM *******
5PM - 6PM *******
6PM - 7PM *******
7PM - 8PM *******
8PM - 9PM *******
9PM - 10PM *******
10PM - 11PM *******
11PM - 12AM *******
12AM - 1AM *******
1AM - 2AM *******
2AM - 3AM *******
3AM - 4AM *******
4AM - 5AM *******
Last Signed In:   11/27/2021

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