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Job Seeker Profile
Exavier    (ID#: 504315)
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 Candidate Description
Currently resides in: Dorchester, MA
Age: 23
Gender: M
Languages spoken: English
Smoking status: Non-smoking
Candidate self-description: I’m very respectful, and I really enjoy making people feel comfortable. I am empathetic and I am very good at reading the energy in a room. I love lending a helping hand, and I am really happy to bring joy to peoples lives. With kids, it brings me joy to help them with their everyday task. I’ve worked with kids in every season and I always enjoyed helping them be proud of who they are and what they represent. When it came to motivating them to be better versions of themselves, I was happy to know that they looked at me as a role model and always wanted my influence to help them everyday. Even when it came to me leaving spaces, the way they would get so emotional to see me go really showed me my influence made a very big difference in their lives. I don’t believe in bullying or making others feel weaker than they probably already do and I just want everyone to be successful. I worked as a in home house aid for one of my family friends and it meant a lot to me to even be allowed in her space to help her make a difference in her home so she can be more comfortable in it. I would really like to start making more differences in family’s as a whole versus just the kids or the adults all alone, and I am looking forward to any work i’m going to be given. I have a partner who has more experience in infant care than I do, but i’ve worked with kids 5-13 since 2017 and it’s one of the more rewarding jobs that i’ve had.
Additional information: Me and my partner are both looking to work together. She does the driving because she has the license but her infant care experience really does provide an extra state of comfort when it comes to dealing with younger individuals. Currently we’re homeless, but we both believe we can be vital assets to the team. She is also very good at cooking and she has very good patience when it comes to working with children. She’s also a good cleaner. If you’re interested in me, I know she can also be someone you should look forward to.
Candidate's challenges of position: Probably just getting to the locations. Because I am homeless I don’t have any mode transportation aside from my partner or walking/public transit. Aside from that though I am pretty confident in my ability’s to tend to family’s and their issues.
Candidate's rewards of position: Knowing i'm lending a hand to make peoples lives easier is what I look forward to the most. That and knowing i’m building relationships with so many different people is really rewarding. And i’m excited to work with children again, due to my past experience and the influence they’ve shown me i’ve had on their well-being.

 Job Preferences
Available Starting: 7/17/2022
Type of job desired: Nanny
Nanny with Housekeeping responsibilities
Housekeeper/Maid (Non-Childcare)
Salary desired: Salary Negotiable
Position term: Occasional/As Needed
Position status desired: Either Full Time or Part Time
Living arrangements desired: Live-In
Days of the week/Times of the day available: Weekdays
Available to work in All 50 U.S. States: No
Willing to work in: NH, MA
Duties willing to perform: Cleaning up after children
Children's Laundry
Parent's Laundry
Helping children with homework
Limited/light housekeeping
Caring for pets
Accepting packages
Occasional supervision of childrens friends/guests
Candidate is willing to travel with the family: Yes
Candidate has a valid Driver's License: No
Candidate has a vehicle they are willing to use on the job: No
Benefits desired: Negotiable

Years of related experience: 5
Number of related positions held: 3
Previous positions held: Teaching
Camp Couselor/Group Leader
Number of professional references willing to provide: 3
Has cared for: Toddlers/1 - 4 years of age
Young Children/5 - 10 years of age
Pre-teens/over 10 years of age
Education: Graduated High School or Equivalent
Some College
Schedule: Candidate has indicated that some of the hours below are flexible or negotiable

Available to Work = Available to Work

From - ToSunMonTueWedThuFriSat
5AM - 6AM *******
6AM - 7AM *******
7AM - 8AM *******
8AM - 9AM *******
9AM - 10AM *******
10AM - 11AM *******
11AM - 12PM *******
12PM - 1PM *******
1PM - 2PM *******
2PM - 3PM *******
3PM - 4PM *******
4PM - 5PM *******
5PM - 6PM *******
6PM - 7PM *******
7PM - 8PM *******
8PM - 9PM *******
9PM - 10PM *******
10PM - 11PM *******
11PM - 12AM *******
12AM - 1AM *******
1AM - 2AM *******
2AM - 3AM *******
3AM - 4AM *******
4AM - 5AM *******
Last Signed In:   7/18/2022

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